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The Distillery «Kuzbass» started on March 2, 2007. Since then it has been increasing the production of vodka to 10-15% monthly. Vodka “Traditions of Kuzbass” is becoming one of the most popular alcohol drinks among residents of Novokuznetsk who appreciate the high quality goods.
The Distillery «Kuzbass» is an advanced successful 21st century company. The process of production is totally automatic. Technical equipment, new technology, sanitary requirements allow it to win firm position at the home market.

The focus of our company is production of vodka under the brand «Traditions of Kuzbass». The collection consists of 5 vodkas such as «Pshenichnaya», «Rzhanaya», «Crystalnaya», «Tzarskaya» and «Classical».
Consumers and monthly growth in sales confirm the good quality of it. We use only the best spirits produced by Itkul Plant in Altai, Satisfying to international standards and our recipe are exclusive.

The Distillery has a 5 staged filter system. The water we use is disironed first, then softened, carbon filtered and purified on special equipment. Finally, it is sterilized by UV-rays for bacterium and virus safety.
Filtered water and spirits are automatically mixed and finally the mixture goes through sand and carbon filters impregnated with argentums. The process is uninterrupted and with the same speed. This results in a good taste of our product.
We have some secrets of producing top-quality alcohol but the main factor is producer’s good conscience and we consider it on every stage of production.

The personnel of our enterprise are qualified and experienced. The dynamic development can be realized only by perfect, experienced, responsible employees, who are concerned with final results of their work, that is a great number of customers choosing our vodka and appreciate it high.
Our specialists do their best to produce drinks satisfying wishes and tastes of ordinary customers refined connoisseurs. Vodka we produce is worth tasting!

Nowadays we are working in three directions. We start production of non-expensive vodkas such as «Starorusskaya», «Extra» and «Novaya». Customers, oriented on low price will be able to buy good product cheaper .We design and reconstruct territory around. We employ more workers. We are planning to produce clear water for a great number of consumers. Perhaps, it will be a stage to start production of soft drinks and low-alcohol beverages.

We believe that our brand «Traditions of Kuzbass» corresponds to long-term historical and cultural traditions of our Kuznetskaya land. We will do our best to be a successful company and to gain popularity among our consumers. We will prove that we are the best. «Traditions of Kuzbass» is high quality.

The Chief Manager of the Distillery «Kuzbass».