Have you drank Russian vodka?
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I do not drank  
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  • «Sakuska» for vodka

    The list given below is not complete yet. There are dishes which are suitable for vodka. We recommend:

    Cold «sakuska» (vegetables):
    - Pickled cabbage
    - Cucumbers and tomatoes pickled in brine
    - Pickled mushrooms
    - Stuffed aubergines (fried with garlic or pickled)
    - Beetroot salad with garlic and sour cream
    - Boiled potatoes with onion and vegetable oil
    - Sakuska with «redka» (also with pepper, vegetable oil and lemon juice)
    You can also add some greens (dill, parsley, celery etc)

    Cold «sakuska» (meat):
    - Jellied meat with horseradish
    - Pickled lard with garlic – «salo» (in a small amount)
    - «Basturma» (in a small amount), you can add come mustard
    - Backed meat or fish with horseradish or mustard
    - Herring with onion and vegetable oil
    - Caviar (red, black), is usually spread on bread with butter
    - Red fish (salmon, crust etc) with lemon juice and horseradish

    Warm «sakuska» (the first dishes)
    - «solyanka» (with meat)
    - «solyanka» (with fish)
    - Cabbage soup
    - Borsch
    (All dishes are served with sour cream.)
    - Fish broth (especially by fishing)

    Warm «sakuska» (the second dishes)
    - Different dishes with beef, veal, pork
    - Fried fish with onion and lemon juice
    - Boiled potatoes with butter
    - Fried potatoes with butter and union
    - Ravioli
    - Pancakes with red caviar or salmon