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  • Vodka and «sakuska»

    Russian people have invented «vodka». They also have their own specific culture of drinking vodka, which hasn’t got any analogs all around the world. The main points of the culture of consuming vodka:
    1. Before drinking vodka should be cooled down to 8-10 degrees Celsius.
    2. As it is a noble drink you should drink vodka with little drops and let it stay a little bit in the mouth. It is a bad manner if you drink vodka fast, all in one go.
    3. You should not mix vodka with other alcohol drinks or soft drinks or their equivalents.
    4. You should drink vodka from a special «stopka» with volume 50 gr.
    5. Vodka is a noble product, which should help people have fun, have a rest etc. It is not
    correct to think that vodka causes evil and drunkenness. The cause of drunkenness is not in wine or vodka, but it is in a person. That’s why the self-control is very important. Remember, how many stopkas you have already drunk.
    6. The necessary element of each feast with vodka is «sakuska», which can be cold or warm. Vodka is not only a drink; it suits many dishes from Russian cuisine, especially fat dishes with meat, baked dishes with meat and spicy fish dishes: beef, pork, pancakes, ravioli, and «solyanka».
    You can also combine vodka with similar spicy dishes from other cuisines.
    «Sakuska» is always served with vodka. As V.V. Pokhlebkin said, vodka and sakuska are two indissoluble components.
    Russian national sakuska can be divided into different types, for example, different sakuska with vegetables: cucumbers and tomatoes, pickled in brine, pickled cabbage, pickled mushrooms, boiled potatoes.
    Sakuska can not exist without vodka; it supplements taste and aroma of vodka.
    Vodka is an expensive drink and demands expensive sakuska: caviar, smoked fish, pickled mushrooms. Without tasty sakuska vodka will not be able to show all its characteristics. Other types of sakuska (made of not so expensive products) also can be combined with vodka: herring, pickled cabbage.
    Cucumber pickled in brine deserves special attention. Scientists have been searching for the best sakuska for 200 years, but nothing can be better than a cucumber pickled in brine. And it is really so, cucumber is rather cheap and widely spread.
    Be attentive by choosing sakuska for vodka. The right choice of sakuska encourages the good mood of your guests.
    Good sakuska let you not lose the control of the situation. They say vodka is devious. Vodka itself can not be devious. You should be careful when you drink vodka. You should not serve vodka together with cheese dishes, boiled fish, lamb dishes, with all sorts of sausages; for such dishes beer is more suitable.
    A lot of people think that vodka can be kept for a long time without any limits. It is not so. By keeping vodka for a long time the alkaline increases, sediment can appear. It can make worse the taste of vodka.
    According to the state standards of keeping products, period of keeping vodka lasts 12 months; vodka for export is kept 5 years. Vodka of high quality can be kept 10 years because the spirit can not get worse.
    Our story about vodka is not complete without mention of one more interesting fact. Vodka is also used by preservation of different products, by preparing of jam, by cooking of different fish dishes etc. Use of vodka encourages the quality of dishes, saves the time.