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    Vodka is a universal product. It is simple to produce and easy to consume, that’s why vodka is widely spread all over the world and is produced in big amounts of trade marks. These marks differ from each other in characteristics, row material, technologies and components which make good taste and aroma.
    The standard of vodka is a drink which is made on a special technology. It is a see-through drink with 40% alcohol produced from the brain spirit. According to this fact, there are a lot of drinks in Poland, Sweden and other countries which differ from each other extremely.

    Vodka in Sweden
    Sweden has got old traditions in vodka distilling; each of them has got its own recipes of alcohol drinks.
    The first documentary certificate which testifies the production of alcohol drinks dates from 1498 when Kort Klaskedreger was allowed to do distilling. But in exchange he had to supply spirit for gunpowder production.
    The most famous sort of vodka is «Absolut». This vodka was made by Lars Olson Smith in 1879. Its whole name is «Absolutely clear spirit drink». The producer of this vodka devoted his life to fighting for his invention. The authorities wanted to nationalize the profitable production. Lars Olson Smith had to move from one to another place. He died in 1913 without any money. His son continued his business, but 1917 his enterprise was nationalized.
    The state monopoly «V&S Absolut Spirits» preparing for his 100-anniversary revived ABSOLUT VODKA, its prestige. The state monopoly used the people attraction to clearness. The new bottle was designed from the special glass; a medallion with picture of inventor of this vodka was put on the bottle.
    Nowadays all vodka production is concentrated in the factory in Okhus city, on the South of Sweden, in the centre of wide brain fields.
    ABSOLUT VODKA – is the great alcohol brand, the third in the world according to the sales volume, it is presented on the 126 markets.
    Besides this popular classical vodka «ABSOLUT» (40% and 50% alcohol) there are other flavoured sorts of vodka - «Absolut Citron», «Absolut Pepper» and «Absolut Kurant», «Absolut Mandarin», «Absolut Raspberry», «Absolut Vanilla», «Absolut Ruby Red». All have got 40% alcohol.

    Vodka in Finland
    They had been producing only one mark of vodka «Koskenkorva» in Finland for a long time. It appeared on the market in 1952 for the first time. It has got 40%, 50% and 60% alcohol; it can be flavoured with low percent of alcohol (from 15% to 21%). It is very popular on the domestic market.
    1970 Finland developed new mark of vodka «Finlandia». It is produced from the brain spirit with 40% and 50% alcohol.
    Depicted on the label white running deer illustrate one of the Finnish legends. At one dark winter night one young beauty was transformed into a deer. Many hunters tried to catch that beautiful deer. Among them there was a beloved of the girl. One day he was injured seriously. His blood saved her, she became a girl. Finnish say that if you see the sun, the moon and the white deer at once, all your dreams become true.
    1994 flavoured vodka with cranberries and pineapples appeared on the markets in Finland. Flavoured vodka with cranberries is rather popular in Russia. In this way, Finland became an exporter of vodka.

    Vodka in Denmark
    They produce brain vodka «Danzka» in Denmark, which is sold in aluminum bottles. It has got the red label with 40% alcohol and the blue one (50% alcohol). They also produce flavoured vodka: lemon vodka and blackcurrants vodka (40% alcohol).

    Vodka in German
    According to the amount of vodka production German is a leader in Europe and in the world. There are about 60 trade marks, for example: «Muscovite», «Nikolay», «President», «Alexander I», «Prince Igor», «Petrov», «Stolypin», «Vodka for good health», «Tolstoy», «Batyushka», «Germany», «Russia», «Pushkin» etc. Some of them have got good quality and are pleasant drinks.
    1921 Russian family of vodka producer Gorbachev from St. Petersburg moved to Berlin, where they began to produce vodka. 1960 another company bought the trade mark «Gorbachev». Since that time about 40% of the German market belongs to the vodka «Gorbachev». This vodka is rather clear, has got 17,5; 40;50 and 60% alcohol.
    There is another famous trade mark – «Rasputin». Company «Detlefsen» which was founded in 1738 produces vodka «Magic» with 37,5% alcohol and vodka «Prestige» with 40% or 70% alcohol; it also produces vodka «Rasputin», flavoured with lemon and cranberries.
    Among German companies one of them stands out by virtue of producing of high-quality alcohol drinks. It is SPS which is famous for such trade marks as «Romanov», «Imperial», «Troika», «Kutuzov». It is famous for the quality of its products which are known all over the world. The last developed mark is vodka «Faberzhe».

    Vodka in the USA
    They produce vodka in big amounts in the USA, but the assortment is not as wide as in other countries. The most popular trade marks are «Smirnoff» (50% alcohol), «Smirnoff Silver» (42,5% alcohol), «White Eagle» (40% alcohol), «Black Eagle» (40% alcohol).
    Nowadays vodka «Smirnoff» is produced by the company «Diageo»; some times ago it was produced by company «Hubline», which redeemed this business by emigrant Rudolf Kunet from Russia in 1939. Rudolf bought this business by Vladimir Smirnoff, son of Peter Smirnoff, in 1933. Nowadays about 15 millions boxes of vodka «Smirnoff» are sold.
    The vodka distilling company «Volfshmidt» was founded in 1847 in Latvia. It managed to produce vodka of high quality. It had been a supplier of the Royal Family of Alexander III and Nikolay II for a long time. It was the first exporter of Russian vodka in the USA at the end of the last century. At the present time the brain vodka «Volfshmidt» with 40% alcohol is produced by the company «Jim Beam».

    Vodka in Holland
    The most famous sorts of vodka in Holland are «Ivan Groznyy», «Tsar Peter», «Holland», «Animal 45» (lemon and pepper) etc.
    The company «Highoud» which is situated on the North of the country in the city Gronningeim was founded in 1888. It produces wheat vodka «Royalty» which is sold in blue bottles. There is a royal label on each bottle because of the fact that this company is an official supplier of the Queen Beatrice.
    Other vodka «Ursus» is produced by «Ursus Vodka Company». The recipe of this vodka was made by one of the Iceland residents. There are some flavoured sorts of this vodka – the lemon one and the blackcurrants one.

    Vodka in Italy
    The most famous sort of Italian vodka is «Keglevich» which is produced by the company «Stok» from Triest. It is flavoured vodka with lemon, peach and melon. This vodka is rather sweet, with 30% alcohol. Another mark of Italian vodka is «Eristow wodka» with 40% alcohol.

    Vodka in England
    The most famous marks of England vodka are «Cossack» 37,5 % alcohol, «Select» with 40% alcohol, «Virgin» with 37,5 %, 40% and 50 % alcohol. These marks have got rather middle quality that’s why they are unknown abroad.

    Vodka in Belgium
    The most popular vodka in Belgium is «Aslanov». Its recipe was created by Michael and Nina Aslanyan in Rostov-na-Donu. They emigrated from Russia during the October Revolution. They founded a company in Brussels, «Brüggemann», bought the recipe and the label.
    Nowadays vodka as a strong alcohol drink is produced in many countries all over the world: Russia, France, Belgium, Canada, Israel, Hungary, Spain, Czech, Austria, Vietnam, Scotland etc.