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  • Wedding anniversary
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  • Wedding anniversary

    Tatiana Andreevna Protasova and Boris Ivanovich Protasov have a special day today – the 25th wedding anniversary. 25 years ago they got married. It was a sunny, autumn day. Their family is very friendly and strong, it was tested by the time. In a word, the 25th anniversary – the silver wedding!
    On this special occasion «newlyweds» decided to make a real banquet. Their children, grandchildren, loving relatives and honest friends will come to congratulate them on this special day. A large group of friends and relatives will get together. Everybody knows that there will be a great holiday, because Protasovs are always glad to the guests. They offer to the guests only good drinks and dishes. When Boris buys drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, he chooses them very carefully.

    While relatives and friends are looking for presents for the anniversary, Tatiana and Boris are preparing all necessary for banquet. Tatiana is very busy; she is cooking in the kitchen, today everything must be perfectly! A lot of things have been already done – salad with herring and vegetables, her special salads «Gentle», «Admiralty» and liver salad are in the fridge. Pickled tomatoes and cucumbers are on the turn.
    Boris has already come back from the supermarket with some heavy bags. At the moment he is preparing the main drink for the celebration – vodka «Traditions of Kuzbass». Boris respects all kinds of strong drinks of this trade mark for their soft and traditional taste. For this celebration he has chosen vodka «Tsarskaya». It is made with adding of ginseng. It is pleasant to drink and you will not get the hang over syndrome.
    Tatiana is cutting bacon. Her knife is very sharp. Delicacies are served on the plates on the table. Tatiana has already done the last preparations. The table is served perfectly like a master piece. On the beautiful table cloth there are a lot of dishes, flowers, drinks and «sopkas» especially for vodka.
    Guests must come soon. Tatiana has put the biggest sauce pan for ravioli on the cooker. She wants to offer her guests warm and tasty home-made ravioli. It is the best «sakuska» for vodka! While Tatiana is cooking ravioli, Boris is pouring out vodka «Tsarskaya» into crystal decanters.
    Everything is ready. Next to crystal decanters with vodka there are stopkas. When will guests come? How long do they have to wait for them? Suddenly the bell rang. Boris dropped stopka. It fell down and broke. «It will bring you luck!» – one of the guests says. Finally all guests have come with many presents and flowers. Traditionally the first speech is done by the elderly son. He has come to his parents with his wife and five-year-old daughter.
    - Dear mum and dad, you were the best model for me. You taught me, that we must respect each other, we must be responsible for our work, - Vladimir says, - We are very proud of you. Your colleagues appreciate you. You have been living together for 25 years without any quarrels, in love and harmony. We try to follow your example. You have founded new good family traditions which we will preserve. Let’s have a drink for great traditions of family Protasovs! Congratulations!
    - Silver weddings must become the new tradition of our family, - Marina, Boris’ wife, says – Let’s have a drink for a new tradition!
    Everybody drinks vodka, tastes dishes and salads. Everything is very tasty. Guests give Tatiana many compliments. After guests have drunk some stopkas they ask Boris about this sort of vodka.
    Boris tells his secret with pleasure: «This vodka is called «Traditions of Kuzbass». For our celebration I have bought vodka «Tsarskaya». Do you remember last time when we got together I bought vodka «Classical» and «Crystal»? Last week we invited you to our dacha for shashlyki. I bought vodka «Rzhanaya» and «Pshenichnaya». Each of these marks has got different taste, but all of them are of the high quality. At first time I tasted vodka «Traditions of Kuzbass» this spring. Since that time I’ve been looking only for this mark in shops. Usually when they start producing new mark, the quality is high. But during the time the quality is becoming worse. Trade mark «Traditions of Kuzbass» is an exclusion. The quality of this vodka is constant.»
    All guests decided to have a drink for these good words.
    Many good words of congratulation have been spoken this evening. The highest point of the celebrations became the moment, when Boris took his bayan and began to play and Tatiana began to sing an old song.
    The celebration lasts till the midnight. Guests help Tatiana clean the table. This is one more tradition which is kept by all Tatiana’s friends and her daughter-in-law.
    Next day everybody wakes up in a good mood. The celebration was great. Everybody had a lot of fun. Nobody has got a hang over syndrome. Good company, sakuska and good drinks are very important for a good celebration. Tatiana and Boris feel themselves young and happy. They are sure that they will live together for the next 25 years. The next anniversary will be the gold wedding. They will invite many guests, Tatiana will cook her tasty dishes and Boris will pour out cold vodka «Traditions of Kuzbass». Good traditions have got a long history!

    Inna Kim

    The distillery manufactory «Kuzbass» announces the competition «The traditional feast». If you like getting together, having fun, celebrating holidays and you have already come of age, this competition is for you. Take some pictures of your celebration and send them us. You can also send recipes of your traditional sakuska. Our address is: Ordzhonikidze-Street, 11, «Kuznetsk worker» (with the mark «Traditional feast»)
    The best photos and recipes will be placed in the newspaper. Winners will get New Year presents – a box with drinks «Traditions of Kuzbass» for each winner!